Monday, August 9, 2010

Trip of a Lifetime

I am a little behind on blogging and before I talk about Forrest’s triathlon this past weekend, I want to post some pictures from our trip from Iowa we took a few weeks ago.

This was a little bit of a spontaneous trip for us. My parents, sister and her family had all planned a trip to see my Dad’s side of the family in Iowa and I didn’t think we would be able to go. Well, luckily and at the last minute, Forrest and I were able to get out of school and work for just long enough to be able to go. I was just so grateful that it worked out because I didn’t know when the next opportunity would be for us to all be together up there.

And what memories we made! We enjoyed a picnic party for Reagan’s 2 year birthday which was like a big family reunion. We dug into some GOOD Iowa corn at my grandparent’s house. We stayed at my Aunt Terri and Uncle Andy’s house which was better than a bed and breakfast - they were just unbelievable hosts to us. We did a little shopping us girls (Mom and Aunts), dining out with the whole family, and one night Forrest and I along with some of my cousins went out for a few drinks. We really enjoyed the entire trip and made such great family memories.

Now its their turn for a trip to Texas so we can entertain them!! :)

 Iowa Trip! 001 Iowa Trip! 002

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danielle said...

LOVE IT! so glad you got a little break from everything and got to enjoy your family!! I know how much you love hanging out with everyone! AND post about forrest's tri, i want all the details!

The Hinds said...

Hey Megan

It's Morgan hinds! Hope all is well! I love all the family pics! Your trip looked really fun! I started a blog for our family. Ask Erin about it and check it out! Miss you