Thursday, August 12, 2010

Diary of a TRI-wife: Entry #2 Bridgeland Triathlon

Sunday, Forrest finished his second sprint triathlon. Technically this was his first FULL sprint triathlon since the swim portion of the last one was cancelled. It was a fun day starting off at 4:30am when we left the house along with Forrest parents to head off to the event. Once we got there, Forrest left to get his transition area set up, Big Forrest found a good spot for our chairs, and Cheri and I ran around trying to find where the swim started so we could get pictures and root him and Aaron on.

The 500m swim went well but Forrest said it was much harder than he thought it was going to be. He had been swimming around 1500- 2500m three times a day in a 25m community pool before the race but said swimming in open water is much different. He didn’t feel prepared enough; in fact Sunday night he went and swam at Lake Bryan to make himself feel better. He is so hard on himself!

For the bike, Cheri and I again were right there watching him as he transitioned. He seemed really calm and focused on getting his gear on. He set out for 14 mi and did really well. He averaged about a 20mi/hr speed which is an improvement from his last race. He was pretty content with his performance on the bike.

His 3.5 mi run went well but he felt as if he couldn’t reach his potential. He has had some cramping issues lately and if he cramps, it unbearably forces him to have to slow way down. He was trying to prevent that so he went at a steady pace – about 8:30 mile. He would’ve liked to have done better but plans to work on this too. I tell him it is not about speed for the next couple events he has coming up, it is about ENDURANCE! Which I think he knows. He has definitely been working on improving his distance for each sport.

Anyways, it was a fun day. I enjoyed rooting for him and watching him cross that finish line. He makes me so proud!

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The McCoys said...

I always get teary-eyed when Dustin finishes because I'm so proud! Dorky I know, but I love watching him do something he loves - esp. when he sets a new personal best!