Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Tonight my very generous husband made my birthday cake for me and now it is just awaiting for me on the stove top, looking o so perfectly.

This cake is not just any ordinary birthday cake. To me, it is THE ultimate cake and it is very special. His dad has made it for his mom for 30 years. Forrest is carrying on the tradition (so far) and this will be is second year to make it for me.

All Moved Out!! 012 

So tonight I will be having sweet dreams about indulging in it tomorrow. :)


Jessica said...

What kind is it?!? Happy Birthday!

danielle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! and i hope the cake is oh so tastey, good ole forrest, sweet man!

Donna Homire said...

I'm tearing up. How special is that!!!! Forrest, thank you for being in BabyBirds life.

Megan & Forrest said...

Jessica, it is a chocolate cake with this chocolate/coconuty/nutty/cinnamon frosting- if that makes any sense! I have never made it so I don't know the exact ingredients but that is what it tastes like! :)

Thank you Danielle! He is good to me. ;)

Aww Momma, glad Forrest makes you proud. :) He did a good job yesterday- he always does!