Thursday, June 10, 2010

City Girl Meets Country

Forrest and I have been living with his parents for a couple of weeks now. We are waiting for the guest house/apartment to be completed. It has really been a great experience so far, I love my in-laws (I know I am lucky for that), and I compare their home to a bed and breakfast. It is so peaceful and pretty, I wake up every morning to coffee already made, and during my leisure time, Cheri and I shop or lounge in the pool. Yes, summer is off to a great start.

And since this whole country living is new to me, I have learned a great deal in order to survive. I thought I would entertain ya’ll with a few of my experiences so here goes.

You know you are living in the country when…

All restaurants close by 8pm on a Saturday night but not to worry, DQ is open late.

You hear a vibrating noise and think someone’s phone is going off, but nope it is just a family of june bugs on the porch.

Your idea of a good work out is one that involves old VHS work out videos like Tae-Bo, P90, and 8 minute Abs, then going up and down the driveway several times.

You write down every errand you will need to run for the next week and save them all for one day then say to everyone, “I’m going into town, be back in about 8 hrs!”

Everyone around you is “workin hard on the ranch” all day everyday so you feel compelled to be busy at all times even if there really isn’t anything for you to do. I have reorganized my sock drawer three times.

On that note, you worry that if you were to sit on the couch before dark, someone would ask you if you were feeling okay OR just assume you were fine and think  “Lazy!” Either one would be an embarrassing situation, I mean WHO sits on the couch at 6pm after a long day?! Only terrible, not hard working people which is def not me EVER.

You use the phrase, “before dark” in reference to the time of day.

You have at one point thought to yourself, “O, I better get gas while I am in town” as you excitedly pull into the quickest gas station.

You get excited about rain and not because you are a farmer, pah-lease! Way too cool for that. You  just like to spend Friday night out of the porch WATCHING it.

You are impressed at the existence of a round-up sprayer that sprays a whopping 30 feet.

Your 25 year hatred and therefore battle against all bugs on or ar0und you GONE. It is simply not worth it, majority wins, and not only that, you are the only one who cares.

You might as well PLEDGE those dressy clothes unless you get use out of them on Sunday mornings.

Those cute skinny jeans you got in California? The ones you felt like a million bucks in? Nobody appreciates them but you.

You learn the “proper” way of how to help someone back a truck up to a trailer. Apparently, there is more to it than just waving for “keep going”  and hand up for “stop.”

Homemade sweet tea and butter are always out for dinner.

Your mother in-law asks, “Are you going to the social?” in reference to the ice cream and hot dog social the church is having that evening.

And last but not least, among my country - living discoveries:

It ain’t “rustic” unless it has a STAR on it!!

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Snider Family said...

HILARIOUS Sister! I don't know which is my favorite, I was cracking up at all of them!!

Look's like Sister's Gone Country!