Friday, June 4, 2010


Wow, really? I am 25.

Last night, I went to dinner with Forrest and his parents, meeting his grandparents there. On the way to the restaurant, the four of us were talking about this age and such. And although I could’ve done the math and figured this, I didn’t think about it until now: When Cheri was 25 she was taking care of a 5 year old (Amberly) and a 3 year old (Forrest).

Of course now I am thinking….am I going to be an OLD mom? I have never been in a hurry and Forrest and I clearly have some things to do before we start that (finish school maybe?) But after thinking about this, and how young Forrest’s parents are to be enjoying their grandkids…..I cannot help but think we are going to have to act soon. : \ (by the way, to me, this is “unsure how I feel about this” smiley)

Poor Forrest is probably reading this right now and by the time I see him (IF I ever see him again after this blog) his nails will be gone and his eyes will still be wide open. Sorry, Forrest just writing down my thoughts.

Anyways, enough with that topic, I know the right timing will come. Just have to get through school first- only 6 more months! :D

O yes, and here are bday pics. Forrest got me a Michele watch, the one I have been wanting. His parents got me a shopping tote for the Farmers Market and a little towel wrap for after shower/pool. Then we all went to dinner in North Cypress and had Mexican food.

25th Birthday 001 25th Birthday 002 25th Birthday 003 25th Birthday 005 25th Birthday 006

25th Birthday 007 25th Birthday 008 25th Birthday 010 25th Birthday 011 25th Birthday 013 25th Birthday 015 Thank you Forrest for my watch- I love, and cake- means so much to me.

Thank you Cheri and Forrest for your company and the gifts.

Thank you Nena and Gramps for the fragrance diffuser and little nurse collectors item.

Thank you Matt for the country cook book.

Thank you Sister and Darrin, Mom & Dad for my trip to Ca and all the memories made.

Thank you Mom and Dad also for my MK wallet

Thank you Steph for my Anthropology apron, candle, and cup.

Thank you Ashley for lunch and Bless and Elisha for brunch!

And thank you to all my friends and family who called, text, and wrote nice things on Facebook! You all made my day very SPECIAL.

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danielle said...

fun fun day! can you believe you are a quarter of a century?! haha! weird, i know! glad everyone made it a special day, you deserve nothing less!