Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ashton's 2nd birthday!

So on Sat, we went to Houston for Asthon's birthday party. He turns 2 on March 20th. He is such a little turkey! One thing he does that is so funny is he thinks that if he closes or squints his eyes, that he is invisible. Haha and him and Aiden are so different too- practically complete opposite. Aiden is such a rule follower- When it was time for the boys to take their naps after the bday festivities, Aiden let everyone know that he had to go upstairs for his nap. So as he walks upstairs with his blanket in hand, Forrest messes with him and tells him that the circus is about to show up. He looked at Forrest and goes, "Well, I have to sleep first....they can just wait." HAHA! The both of them are just so cute and have the most entertaining personalities.

I also got to announce to Forrest's family the big news about nursing. It was nice that we were already planning on seeing them when I found out- that way I could just wait to tell everyone in person. They were very excited, of course and probably relieved because I know they were very anxious for me to find out too. Of course, in the beginning as soon as Forrest said "Moof has some news everybody..." I knew they were going to think it was about the nursing program or that I was pregnant. Haha thank goodness we don't have that kind of news to announce just yet! Maybe after nursing school. :)

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ryan and danielle said...

looks like he had a fun bday! can't believe he actually was still going to take a nap even though the circus was coming hahhaa too cute!