Wednesday, September 26, 2012

7 Months and flying by...

When Hadison hit the 6 month mark I thought I couldn't believe how fast she had grown! Now, so quickly another month has flown by and I feel like she has developed so much. She is really becoming "Hadison" and having a personality of her own! I am loving how much we can interact with her, but I am also seeing that she is going to soon learn the word "no." I am wondering how good I will be at saying that word to her, but what kind of parent would I be if I didn't do it! She is spoiled but I cannot make her rotten. ;)

Who can resist this angel?

  • Growth & Development
    • Size 3 diapers snug; size 4 a little big
    • Grown out of most 3-6 month clothes; most 6-12 mo or 9 mo fits
    • Rolls from front to back and back to front easily; I have woken up a few times to find her on her belly during which she will cry if she is up against the crib and cannot roll back over.
    • Not interested in crawling however she will lean forward and reach for things if I place in front of her 
    • Reaches for EVERYTHING; wants it esp if I/we have it. She is not understanding why she cannot have my phone or the remote control for tv. I have seen her get frustrated once and I think it was because I put a cooking utensil away that she had grabbed and was interested in. 
    • Sits unsupported. Occasionally will fall if she is being lazy or turning around to look at something (or me) so I try and keep cushions around her while she plays.
    • Laughs when you tickle her neck, chest, or belly or during other various activities. 
    • Everyday has a screaming (excited) part of the day where once she has started, she doesn't stop. Happens at grocery store, restaurants, etc and I am never really sure what to do. 
    • Babbling; says "ga ga" the most; also has said "da da" and "ya ya" 
    • When she wakes up she just lays there and content and talks to herself. It is one of my favorite things! She rarely cries when waking up from sleeping. If she does it usually means she is just going back to sleep so I do not bother her.
  • Schedule
    • First time I can say she is not really on a strict schedule other than she gets bath and bedtime at same time (7-730 bath, bedtime 730-8) and she usually does not nap after 430. Her schedule started changing when she started waking up earlier than normal. She wakes anytime between 630 am to 730am. She continues to be on an eat, wake, sleep cycle. Her naps are between 30 min and 3 hours. 
  • Few Firsts/Favorites/More about this stage
    • Started sleeping in crib right after she turned 6 months. Day one was actually okay but she had a hard time going down a couple naps afterwards. She slept through the night no problem on first night. Overall, I would says transition was pretty easy.
    • New babbling "words"
    • Seeing some teething symptoms 
    • Eats solids now twice a day; has had zuchinni, avocado, sweet potato, peas, and banana. I made it myself and it is super easy and cheap. Her favorite is avocado and she doesn't mind the peas surprisingly. I was surprised she did not go crazy over the banana as that was her first fruit to try.
    • Introduced sippy cup but I can tell it is definitely too early for her to understand that she is supposed to drink from it.  
    • If not her favorite, one of her favorite things is her book (there are two really, that are same type of book just different story) I know them by heart, we have read them so much. I love that she loves to be read to. She sits there so patiently as though she is listening and understanding.
  • Milestones
    • Crib transition and eating solids were biggest changes this month