Thursday, August 16, 2012

6 Months

  • Growth &Development / Milestones
    • Weight: 14lb 13oz (27%)
    • Height: 25in (25%)
    • Head Circumference: 16 1/2in (34%)
    • Size 3 diapers
    • Clothes 3-6 mo
    • Plays on tummy, pushes off hands and feet. Does not enjoy being on belly for long.
    • Can roll from belly to back and back to belly. From back to belly is harder and a lot of times she just lays there on her side to play.
    • Interested in everything it seems...always reaching out for what I am holding or what is around her. 
    • Loves to squeal and gurgle still. Early stages of babbling. Says "ah" like she is repeating the way we say "yeah" to her
    • Can sit up on own for little while but becomes unsteady as she plays 
    • While sitting up can prop herself up with her arm (like "tripod" position)
    • Began eating oatmeal once a day 
    • Can stand and hold herself up on something 
    • Recognizes Mommy and Daddy. She has begun to show signs of favoring us (can mostly see it with me).
    • Has held arms up a few times in bumpo chair like she is trying to tell me to pick her up. Melts my heart. <3 font="font">
  • Schedule
    • Sleeps from 8:00-8:30pm to around 7-7:30am (in rock n play). We are getting ready for crib transition
    • Starting to get bored of play mat. Only entertained on it for about 10 minutes and usually that is in the morning. She always wants me to play with her!
    • Eating every 3 hours - 730am, 1030am, 130pm, 430pm, 730pm. At 1030 feeding she is getting oatmeal. :)
    • Bath time 7-730pm. Bottle after, then down for the night. 
    • Few Firsts/Favorites/More about this stage
    • First real play time in the pool. Enjoys the pool now!
    • We read same book before every nap. She loves it and gets so excited.
    • Everything she can get her hands on goes in mouth
    • First time in high chair and first time to eat oatmeal
    • First time to meet her cousins, Ashton, Abigail, and Aiden
    • Wants to be everywhere I am during the day. 
    • Wakes up in morning and just lays there looking around until me or Forrest goes in. She gets a big smile on her face when she sees us and kicks her legs and flails her arms!
    • Brought out the baby bullet and read about making her veggies and fruits. We will start that this month. :P

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