Monday, May 14, 2012

My Heart is Full: First Mother's Day

Before I talk about Mother's Day...

I have been so lucky to have spent these last almost 3 treasured months with my sweet Hadie. This time in my life I will cherish forever because we have bonded so greatly, and I have learned so much about being a Mommy. To see her little face everyday brings me joy only a mother would understand and to watch her grow makes me proud beyond words. I hope that when she is with me she feels as safe as can be. I hope she feels like she is the center of my world because she is. She must know just how much I love her and that I would do anything for her.

I cannot talk about motherhood without mentioning my other half. It brings a smile to my face to see the love Forrest has for Hadison and to know he is the only one who loves her like I do. It makes me love him more and feel even more connected to him. I am grateful to have a husband who is  has become a team player in this whole parenthood journey. He has been a natural with Hadie from day one, but we have certainly had to adjust to being a family of three. I have never used the words, "sacrifices, freedom, and inconvenient," so much as I have in the last 3 months! I know we have a long way to go but I am proud at how far we have come.

Anyways, speaking of loving my husband and baby girl. I will remember forever the card Forrest gave me on behalf of Hadison for my first Mother's Day this year. It is stamped with Hadison's footprint which explains the Hobby Lobby plastic bag I came across.....I didn't know Forrest even knew a place like Hobby Lobby existed! It says the words every new mom dreams of hearing. All I can say is, my heart is full.

A Mother's Day blog would not be a good blog without mentioning my wonderful Momma and Mother in law. I was not able to see my Momma yesterday but that is okay because we are going to get to hang out in about a week when Sister comes home, and we will all be together then. Momma will have a full house which she will love. Here is a link to her book from me and Sister. She was long overdue for a good photo book and she got it just in time. :)
Momma's Book

I did get to share the special holiday with my special mother in law, Cheri. I am grateful to be so close with her and am looking forward to the summer when we hopefully will get to have our girl days like we did last year. And for when she will be able to see her other baby, Amberly. I know she was missing her yesterday!

Anyways, wonderful first Mother's Day and wonderful memories made. Happy Mother's Day to any mothers reading!
Including you, Sister, so proud of you! Love you, thinking about you, and hope yall enjoyed the beach! ;)


Donna Homire said...

This blog is awesome!!!! What a special day...very memorable and documented. You deserve all that has come your way. Forrest here is a big hug for being a great husband and daddy.

The Hall Family said...

so cute. love how you framed the card and Hadie signed it with her foot. And is that Matilda Jane she is wearing in the first pic? :)

Megan & Forrest said...

Isn't it precious? Yes it is MJ - fom my friend Morgan. I don't want her to grow out of it! :)

Megan & Forrest said...
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