Tuesday, May 15, 2012

3 Months

  • Growth & Development
    • Will get measurements at next doctor appt (4 month follow up)
    • Grew out of newborn diapers and clothes; size 1 diapers now; Outfits 0-3mo
  • Schedule
    • No changes in schedule. Still getting up once in night but occasionally having nights when she sleeps through
  • Few Firsts
    • Trip to Nonna and Paw Paws!
    • Kid birthday party (Canton’s 1st)
    • Night alone with Daddy
    • Trip outside to see the rain
    • Mother’s Day
  • Favorites
    • Sitting up! (on Daddy’s lap as he props her up on boppy)
    • Kicking and pushing off feet
    • Being carried around house to look around
  • Milestones
    • Transitioned from sleeping in swing during night to sleeping in rock & play (no swinging motion)
    • Sleeping in her own bedroom
Something else new for us is that I have gone back to work but am working part-time now. This means I schedule myself one and a half shifts a week. Working at night allows for us to not have to use childcare which is great and it allows for me to be at home with Hadie during the days. I am glad and feel fortunate that I do not have to give that time up with her. It really is the ideal schedule for us for now which I am really grateful for.

Since I have been back, being there less, I feel I appreciate it so much more. It is a great thing to love your job, especially as a nurse because it just makes you that much better. I want my patients to have the best experience possible in the hospital so I know my attitude is important. I also feel more compassion for my patients now that I have been through what they have been through and am a mom too. I have realized there is an instant bond you develop with other moms, whether in the hospital or anywhere. Like people you may not have connected with before, now you can relate with them and share stories.
Anyways, Hadie is a happy girl!

And we love her so much. Here are some pictures over the last 3 months that were taken on mine or Forrest’s phones. We can’t get enough!

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