Thursday, March 15, 2012

One Month

Hadison turned one month old today! I cannot believe how quickly this past month has gone.The days go by fast, surprisingly, just being at home with her planning my days around her schedule of course.

Right now she is supposed to be on a 3 hour eating schedule but she is a 3.5 hour baby I have learned. She gets breast fed pretty much every feeding except the 6am one, Forrest feeds her breast milk by bottle before he goes to work so I can sleep. She sleeps in between feedings well minus her 9pm feeding which is usually the hardest for her. I think it is because Daddy comes home from work and holds her after her 6pm feeding in which she gets extra good sleep so she is wide awake later and upset someone isn't holding her!

Her activities include lying (hopefully sleeping!) in her swing especially at night while we try and sleep and sometimes during the day if I am doing things around the house. As time has gone by, I have been able to sit her down a little more although I still love to cuddle her. I do it for her own good because I worry she won't be able to sleep unless someone holds her! She also enjoys the rock n play from time to time as long as you rock her. Lately I have been bringing the rock n play outside when the weather is nice and rock her in the shade. She also "plays" on her play mat about twice a day which includes staring up at the blinking lights. She loves to look at the lights.

Other things about this stage. She really likes looking at the windows and pretty much anything bright. She likes getting her baths and only cries sometimes when you take her out because she is cold. She likes laying with her arms up by her face or over her head - that is usually a good sign she is the most comfortable she could possibly be. She does not take a pacifier but will suck on her fingers every now and then. She likes when you play with her legs especially if she might have a belly ache. Her favorite thing is to be held of course. It seems she is content no matter what as long as someone holds her. She has grown out of most her premie clothes and is in between sizes right now. Some newborn is just a tad too big so the best clothes for her right now are the Gap size "up to 7lbs." She is also growing out of her premie diapers and will soon be wearing newborn.  She sometimes makes little cooing noises that sound kind of like a high pitched "sigh" as she sleeps. She had her first ride in the golf cart. Daddy drove very slow and avoided big bumps. She slept the whole time. She also had her first professional photo shoot which I have yet to see only a few pictures. As soon as I get them I will post!

That is all I can think of for now although I am sure there is more. We take a lot of pics on our phones so I thought I would post them all here. They pretty much sum up our lives right now!

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