Thursday, March 15, 2012

First Few Weeks Home with Hadie

Since bringing Hadison home from the hospital, she has done really well. She had her first doctor appointment two days after being discharged. She weighed 4#5oz which was 2 oz over her birth weight. This was great news considering the doctors said it could take up to two weeks for babies to get back to their birth weight (she was 4#1oz at discharge) and it was a good sign that eating feeding/eating was going well. She was 17.5 inches long which meant she grew 1.5 inches in length since birth. The rest of her examination went well and everything was normal according to her doctor. They stuck her heel for her newborn screening tests and she didn't even flinch. She had just eaten and was out! We discussed vaccinations which she will get starting at her 2 month appointment. I am not looking forward to this! 

We have had some friends and family come out to visit us. My good friend Matt was the first to visit. He called himself my "manny" while he was here. Hadie enjoyed sleeping in his arms as he rocked her in the glider. Then Bless came the following weekend and she was so kind to bring us donuts!! We also enjoyed a nice visit from Nena and Gramps that weekend on a Sunday afternoon. Then that following week my friend Ashley came (I forgot to get a picture) and she brought me some chocolate rasienettes - my absolute favorite! 

We also enjoyed a visit from Nena and Gramps.

Forrest and I enjoyed our first date night while La La and Pop Pop watched Hadison. We went to dinner in College Station then to see Blue Man Group in concert at the MSC. I had my first glass of wine in 9 months!

Some lovely, sweet ladies from our church family threw me a baby shower.

My parents came recently and spent a Saturday with us. This was their first time to hold Hadie since they were unable to when they visited her in hospital.

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DASH Photography said...

I love the one of your momma laughing! So precious! She loves her sweet girls!