Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Houston Marathon

Since the Ironman, Forrest has committed his work outs to strictly running in preparation for the Houston Marathon that took place January 15th. This technically was his first marathon although he completed a 26.2 mile run during the Ironman. His goal was to finish in less than 4 hours which he did. His finish time was 3:53:08.

He worked hard for this race as he does with all of the events he signs up for. I am so proud of how much of himself he gives towards training and like I have said in regards to other things he has completed, I enjoy so much this aspect of his life and just being a part of it. I wouldn’t miss any of his races for anything.

He hasn’t signed up for any events in the near future although I know he will continue to do some half marathons and triathlons here and there. He told me he knows his priorities are about to change once the baby is born, which makes me proud. I think after a few months of being a new parent, we will be able to better time manage and he will work in some type of training schedule for something. I will always support his decision to devote time to these types of things as I know it makes him happy to accomplish goals he has made.

Here are some pictures from the weekend of the race! We stayed at the Inn at the Ballpark. I was in the best spot possible to get a good finish line view and still pictures were hard to get. After the race we went to Papasitos where Forrest enjoyed a nice big margarita...while I sat and salivated over it.

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