Friday, September 10, 2010

Wednesday night Bible study

I am so happy to talk about the amazing women’s Bible study group Nena, Cheri, and I joined at their church in Brenham. We have gone twice now and I am looking forward to next week’s already.

We are studying the Book of Esther. After sharing some of it with my Mom today, I thought I might share it on my blog too for anyone else interested (and for me to reflect back on as well).

Last week (day 1; Ch. 1) we talked about God’s presence in our lives and how we can trust him with our circumstances. One question I really thought about was “Do you ever give things to God and then turn around and take it back?”

This week (day 2), we discussed six of Esther’s queen-like qualities that Christian women should aspire to have.

1.) Grace filled charm and elegance

2.) Unusual restraint and control (ex: the ability to keep a secret for someone)

3.) Continual teachable spirit

4.) Unselfish modesty and authenticity

5.) Winsomeness (meaning pleasant and delightful spirit) regardless of surroundings

6.) Humble respect for authority

I really feel like I will grow as a Christian and as a woman, wife, mother one day from joining this study group….afterall “when you’re green, you’re growing; when you’re ripe, you’re rotten.”


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