Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Keeping Busy

This semester, especially March through May- has been one with many eventful weekends. It seems like we have something going on every weekend. I am DEF not complaining- I like to stay busy, but it is getting harder and harder to focus on school. And this is not a good time to slack since the semester is almost over! I cannot wait!! I am REALLY looking forward to my two week break which will consist of going to California for 5 days (and Disneyland with Reagan, yay!) and then coming back to spend a little vacation time with Forrest. We will be doing some camping (wish me luck), river floating, and all the outdoorsy type things that go along with. I am so excited!

Last weekend, I went to Elisha’s luncheon at Christopher’s which was very nice. While I was doing that, Forrest rode 57.5 MILES on his bike!!! Whoop! It took him about 3.5 hrs, isn’t that just crazy? I was quite impressed! I took a few pictures of him before going to the luncheon because I wanted to make a poster for his first triathlon coming up. Cycling 001

E's Luncheon & Crawfish Boil 001 group Later that evening we went to the Walter’s Crawifsh Boil which was fun. We got to see our friends Stacie and Kevin and their adorable kids who we haven’t seen in awhile.

E's Luncheon & Crawfish Boil 004 E's Luncheon & Crawfish Boil 009 E's Luncheon & Crawfish Boil 008

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