Monday, April 12, 2010

Fun Run & Fiesta!

Friday night, Forrest and I had a low key evening. We watched The Blind Side for the first time; I loved it or course and cried periodically throughout the whole thing even at the smallest things. This movie really fits in well with my expectations and idea of a “GOOD” movie. After the movie, we headed to bed a little early to get plenty of rest for our run the next morning.

Saturday we ran in the SRPH Fun Run 5K (School of Rural Public Health). Forrest did AMAZING. His goal was to keep a pace under 8 minutes and he did above and beyond this, with a finishing time of 23:07.  AND, on top of that, he finished FIRST in his age group! So proud of him!! As for me, my goal was to beat my last time and do it under 30min. My time was 29:54 which beats my last time by about 17 seconds! We celebrated by getting brunch at Ozona’s, then headed off to Lowes to get some flowers to plant in the front yard.

J&E Couple Shower 001 J&E Couple Shower 002

J&E Couple Shower 018 Then  Saturday night, Forrest and I attended Jarrad and Elisha’s Mexican themed couple shower. The host’s home and the weather were both absolutely beautiful and made for such a nice evening outside. The party didn’t stop after the shower either! We joined the group by going out to the Corner afterwards for a couple of drinks. So much fun! And such fun people! It was overall a great night and we are super happy for the soon-to-be married, Elisha and Jarrad! J&E Couple Shower 004J&E Couple Shower 007  J&E Couple Shower 012 J&E Couple Shower 013girl pic

Lastly, we enjoyed our Sunday out at the ranch with Forrest’s parents. Forrest and his dad had so planning to do for the barn they are about to have built.

So thankful to have such fun places to go and great people to share them with!

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Snider Family said...

Wow, first place, that's impressive! Way to go Forrest! Good job you too Sis, I couldn't even run a mile!

I love the new pictures, you guys look great! I wish I was there to go to some of the events with you girls, looks like so much fun!