Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weekend with Friends!

Last weekend, on Friday, Forrest and I hung out with our friends Kara and Anthony at Lake Bryan. There is a little restaurant/bar right on the lake that always has live music on the weekends. It is just so nice sitting out there on the lake, having a few drinks with friends, and listening to the live music. Forrest and I LOVE doing that kind of stuff. We always talk about how one day we are going to get a big ski boat, spend all day out on the lake, and then come back to that little restaurant for dinner. Just need to get through nursing school first before we start making anymore big purchases! :)

On Saturday, Ashley and Danny came in town for Danny's big 30th birthday! Ashley had called me about a week or two prior to them coming in town, said she wanted Danny to "feel young again" for his birthday, and that she thought College Station would be the perfect party destination! haha So they did and we all reminisced about the good ol days when Danny and Forrest lived together in college and remembered all the good times the four of us shared! It was a fun night and it definitely felt like we were all in college again!

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