Saturday, November 24, 2012

9 Months

  • Growth & Development
    • 17lbs 5 oz; 26.5 in
    • Size 6-12 mo, 12 mo, 9 mo clothes 
    • Still no teeth
    • Says ga ga, da da, ma ma, ya ya, ba ba
    • Crawling!! :D
    • Stands more steadily while holding on to something. Can bend down to pick something up.
    • Can pull herself up by herself.
    • Points on touch and feel book where you are supposed to if you show her.
    • Bangs toys together; drops toys in box or pretends like she is going to drop them.
    • Goes from laying down to sitting up.  
    • Looks for me while in crib; leans on bumper, pulls up on rails onto her knees
  • Schedule
    • Her morning naps are pretty short, lasting around 30 minutes. She take one long nap at some point during the day lasting 1.5-2.5 hours. 
    • Bath time is at 6pm, bottle at 6:30pm; rocks with Daddy before going down at 7pm.
    • Wakes up between 6:30am-7:15am.
  • Few firsts/Favorites/More about this stage
    • Rolling around, on the move, doesn't want to sit still. I can hardly get her to sit still while I change her diaper or her clothes.
    • Napping less during the day.
    • Eating solids 3 times a day. Drinks water out of sippy cup but more in accidental kind of way- plays with it mostly.
    • Sits in crib all the time. I have started back rocking her to sleep before naps because otherwise she will sit there for forever. When she wakes up sometimes she will just sit there and play until I go get her.
    • Had first bite of something other than baby food (ice cream). Daddy gave it to her on his birthday.
    • Eats puff snacks, can feed herself.
    • Pulls up all by herself on laundry basket and crib rails (while standing outside of crib).
    • Gets out of bumpo chair by leaning and reaching for something so no more sitting chair up in high places unless plan to watch her the whole time.
    • Sits in grocery cart and high chair.
    • First Halloween; was an elephant. Forrest said she was a "little Republican" being that it was right before the Presidential election. Ha ha
    • Holds bottle herself if not too heavy.
    • Walks a little in walker but limited as we don't have much walking room!
    • Still loves those books, interacts more by touching and feeling. 
    • Ticklish, love that tickle giggle. 
    • Working on waving hi and bye. She has done it once.
    • Did gesture for "milk" a couple times while eating solids but I couldn't get her to do it again.
  • Milestones
    • Crawling was the biggest one this month! Laying to sitting has been a big change with how active she is (esp in her crib). Her biggest interest is pulling up on things and standing. She loves to do that. She is babbling so much more now and saying new things. Eating the puffs has been a milestone in eating because it is first time she has had to gum/chew something. She loves the puffs! And I do too because it buys me some time in entertaining her especially when we are out and about.

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