Friday, June 15, 2012

4 Months!

  • Growth & Development
    • Head Circumference: 16 in
    • Length: 23 in
    • Weight: 12 lbs 2 oz
    • 16th percentile  
    • Size 2 diapers now; Outfits 0-3mo
    • Cannot lift chest off ground yet (working on that; right now she screams with her face down on the ground)
    • Reaches and grabs, attempts to grabs, or unintentionally grabs for things (toys on play mat, blanket)
    • Following us with her eyes, engaging more, smiling, cooing :)
  • Schedule
    • Sleeps from 9pm to around 6am (in rock n play)
    • Still eating every 3 hours 
    • Bath time at 6pm
  • Few Firsts/Favorites/More about this stage
    • First laugh! Forrest and I both were there to hear it the evening of Father's Day.
    • Speaking of, first Father's Day
    • More obvious, frequent and louder cooing
    • Smiles all the time!
    • Sucking on fingers/fist
    • Seems to enjoy car rides
    • Mornings... long naps and porch time with Lala
    • Will always love bath time
    • Goes down at night easily 
  • Milestones
    • Sleeping through night!
All is well with our little family. Hadison is bringing us so much joy as I know other parents can relate. She is growing up and really developing her own little personality. I love that she can engage with us so much more now. 

I am so grateful that she is just a happy baby. She just doesn't seem to get bothered too easily. Even the other night as our electricity was out for a dreadful four hours (yes I am that boring that I am going to talk about our electricity going out!) I was trying to put her down with no AC and in the nude, no fan, no noise maker, no warm bottle to give her after nursing, no blanket to wrap her in (since it was so hot), and I discovered how much more this momma was easily bothered than she. She went to bed around 945 after I put her in her room and laid next to her around 915, taking only a little longer to go down. I was thinking great, now how am I going to sleep in this sauna! Then she slept just fine that way. I woke up when it came back on, just to cover her up and all. I was so impressed the next morning that she had so easily adjusted to different circumstances. 
Anyways she is my little monkey on my back during the days, allowing me to drag her all over the house. Family time in the evenings is nice and then once she is asleep, Forrest and I get to talk/hang out. We have settled into a nice little routine I guess you could say.

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Donna Homire said...

She is such a happy little girl. On her way to being Daddy's little girl.