Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today I am 12 weeks

Which means in two weeks I will be over the first trimester! I really have no complaints at all about how I have felt over the last several weeks and would say I have had a fairly easy pregnancy thus far. I do still take zofran but usually only need half the dose about once a day. It is very effective and I have not felt sick at all really since taking it. I feel tired sometimes but considering I work nights, fatigue really isn't an issue. I do not realize when I am being emotional or feisty but Forrest, in a very sensitive way of course, has told me he has noticed. 

Food is a strange thing. I guess you could say I have some food cravings and aversions...something either sounds good or it doesn't sound good at all. Usually things that sounds good are fruits, sweets, breads, and cereals. But then again these were all some of my favorite things before being pregnant. Two things I used to love and eat/drink almost on a daily basis were dark chocolate covered raisins and Starbucks coffees. Proof that pregnancy changes your appetite are that I have not been in the mood for either of these things one bit. I used to buy two bags of the raisins that would last me/us one week and as stingy as I was with them every night after dinner, Forrest cannot believe that my addiction has just suddenly disappeared. Coffee used to be one of my favorite things and again, I just have not been up for it. Nope, not even a Starbucks unfortunately. I am hoping my love for them will come back, considering all the fun holiday drinks are coming out. 

As you can see in the picture, I do have a little belly. Pants are a little snug and tight fitting shirts are not really an option. This picture is only descent because you know I am pregnant; however walking around in public I just look like I have a gut. With that said, until I can pull off the pregnant look, looks like it will be baggy clothes only for now!

Anyways, that is an update on me. I will blog soon about my next appointment which is set for Sept. 27th. I will be at 14 weeks by then....definitely something to celebrate. :)

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