Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Sonogram

Luckily, just as soon as I started to feel sick in the mornings, I was only days away from having my first appointment with Dr. Bertsch, my OBGYN. I waited it out and thankfully during that time I had had a long stretch of days off work. Although I have no complaints now, it was pretty awful at the time. I am sure fellow mommy's understand the misery of waking up around 4am to hover your head over the toilet and vomit uncontrollably the nothing that is left in your stomach. For those few days, 4 to be exact, I would just go sleep in the other room to avoid going back and forth to our bedroom waking up Forrest at the worst time in the morning, right before he has to really get up for work. He was so sweet about it, always asking if I was okay, and coming into the other bedroom to lay with me anyways.

The morning of my appointment, I am not sure if I was more excited about getting our first sonogram or getting a prescription for zofran. It was truly a close call. Forrest met me at the doctor's office and of course was with me the whole time. We started the appointment with a discussion on how I have been feeling followed by the moment I had been dreaming for... seeing the doctor pull out her prescription pad. One step closer to getting that darn zofran. Next we just discussed different things, medical history, family history, first trimester, what to expect, diet, do's and don'ts, etc. Then she had me get on the table, undress from waist down, for the dreadful transvaginal ultrasound. Boy do I look forward to the days we don't have to do those anymore. Uncomfortable, but well worth it. The first sonogram experience was truly a milestone. It was a moment where I realized I could really call myself pregnant as silly as that sounds given all the other clues. I guess peeing on a stick is just not that exciting and validating to me and regardless, there is nothing as reassuring as hearing a tiny, miraculous little heart beat.... at barely 7 weeks.

Overall, my appointment went well. Working in labor and delivery, I am already familiar with the OBGYN's in this area including Dr. Bertsch, so it was nice getting to sit down with a familiar face and with someone who I have seen her work and already trust. Overall the ultrasound went well. The doctor said everything looked perfect. I can't wait until the next ultrasound to see how much he/she has grown and to just make sure all is still okay. We are already proud of the little dot on the sonogram picture, knowing it doesn't look like much now, but that it is the start of something very big for us.

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The Murphree's said...

Congratulations! Zofran was my best friend too!