Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ready for IRONMAN Race

I have been so excited to blog these next couple blogs because they are about the Ironman triathlon that Forrest did back in May. The week before the event was intense. All of the hours dedicated to training were coming to an end. Every word that came out of our mouths for a week straight had to do with the triathlon. I mean, not only did Forrest eat, sleep, and breathe Ironman, I did too! I just know more than anyone besides himself what he has put into this and could not be more proud for this week to be here. Even to just make it to this point, having put in all that work, is already something to be so proud of.
He spent a few last work outs the week of, tapering down and taking it a little easy. By “easy,” I think his swims were at least 1  1/2 hours, bike rides were about 5  1/2 hours, and runs were about 2  1/2 hours. Can you imagine what a “hard” week entails?
 Pre Ironman 022 Pre Ironman 028 Pre Ironman 030
Pre Ironman 036 Pre Ironman 037
Pre Ironman 001 Pre Ironman 005 Pre Ironman 012
Pre Ironman 019 Pre Ironman 021
We headed to the Woodlands (where race took place) on that Thursday before. Forrest had to get his race packet and other items and wanted to check out some things on the course like the transition areas. Things were starting to get set up around there which I think really made things sink in for Forrest. I could tell he was really nervous but glad it was finally here, knowing that all his hard work was soon going to pay off. Pre Ironman 040 - Copy
Pre Ironman 041 Pre Ironman 042 
Pre Ironman 046 Pre Ironman 047 Pre Ironman 048 Pre Ironman 049
Pre Ironman 060 Pre Ironman 052Pre Ironman 053 Pre Ironman 056 Pre Ironman 058 Next blog, the big day. Wow what an amazing journey and day full of excitement that none of us will ever forget.

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