Friday, April 29, 2011

The Story of Brutus’s First Day at the Ranch

Brutus is a dog we heard about from Forrest’s friend Todd. Todd told Forrest that Brutus needed a home so we decided that we would take him in. On the day that Forrest brought him home, Brutus was overwhelmed by all of the fun things he could play with.
He first just ran. He ran and ran so much that he would not even stop to let me pet him. He was just so excited. He soon learned his first valuable lesson: You can run all day long as much as you want, just don’t walk over the cattle guard. You have to go around if you want to go past it.Cheri's Birthday 002 He then came up on Lilly and Daisy where he soon learned his second lesson for the day: Daisy is fine as long as you don’t take attention/pets away from her. And Lilly likes to play, only when she wants to play. You will know when she is not in the mood.Cheri's Birthday 004 Cheri's Birthday 006
Cheri's Birthday 007 Cheri's Birthday 009
After meeting the girls, he decided to check out this thing they call a pool. Just look at the pictures if you want to know his third lesson. Don’t panic if you fall in the pool, just swim to the stairs.Cheri's Birthday 030 Cheri's Birthday 031 Cheri's Birthday 032
After taking a swim, Brutus decided to sneak under the fence where the longhorns live and play in their hay. It was only a matter of time that Raider and Bevo would realize him in their hay and Brutus would get to meet them. He barked and barked until Raider eventually came charging at Brutus. Brutus barked back but quickly realized these were no animals to mess with. He took off so fast, dust came from all four paws as he scrambled to get out, making a new hole under the fence. Brutus learned his fourth lesson: Longhorns are not dogs. They are called “long horns” for a reason.
 Cheri's Birthday 024 Cheri's Birthday 025 Cheri's Birthday 026 Cheri's Birthday 027
After this, Brutus had had enough. He was tired and ready to go inside to spend more time with his new family. Brutus learned his last lesson of the day: No dogs inside.
Cheri's Birthday 034

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