Monday, March 21, 2011

The first of a few Late Entries: “Spring Break”

I need to get on a better schedule of blogging because I get so far behind then I dread blogging versus enjoying it. My Sister has bugged me about my boring blog for months now, and is making me feel like a terrible wife for not blogging about the Ironman yet. So here we go, I am getting caught up starting now. :)
I thought my “spring break” days were over until I realized how nice a nursing schedule can be. You only work 3 days a week which allows you, if you want, to have up to 8 days off without taking any days “off” if that makes sense. So since at this point I will still in training, I was following my preceptor’s schedule. She arranged her schedule this way (8 days off) which in turn gave me a “spring break” too. How nice! I decided to go home to see my parents and Sister, and of course Reagan and Grayson. Highlights from this trip were: Porch playing and pizza making at home, and then taking Reagan, Maverick, and Dylan to the Dallas Arboretum.
Spring Break 014
Spring Break 021

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