Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cold Winter Days…

We had our first “snow day” this year which was more like an ice day. The roads were so slick, schools were canceled and people were told to stay home from work. Luckily, I was off because hospitals don’t ever close! I would have had quite the drive. Big Forrest had to work so he stayed in a hotel to avoid the roads. Meanwhile, Cheri, Forrest, and I enjoyed the day!
Snow Day & Grayson 001_picnik Snow Day & Grayson 002 Snow Day & Grayson 003 Snow Day & Grayson 004 Snow Day & Grayson 005 Snow Day & Grayson 007 Snow Day & Grayson 009 Snow Day & Grayson 010  Snow Day & Grayson 017 Snow Day & Grayson 019 Snow Day & Grayson 020Discovered a snake in the pond and thought it was frozen, found out he was still alive, barely! We put him out of his misery…and out of ours. Snow Day & Grayson 023 Snow Day & Grayson 025 Snow Day & Grayson 029Snow Day & Grayson 031 Hwy 6 was iced over! Could barely walk across, much less drive but we still saw cars on the road.Snow Day & Grayson 032 Snow Day & Grayson 035 Snow Day & Grayson 037Found LG under the heater! She had been there the whole time…we were wondering where she was! Guess she thought it wasn’t worth it!  Snow Day & Grayson 039 Came in and warmed up with some hot chocolate.Snow Day & Grayson 042 Snow Day & Grayson 043_picnik Snow Day & Grayson 044

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