Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The End of the Nursing School Journey

I am a little late on posting about December events, but almost a month ago was a big day for me. After 18 months, I graduated from the A&M nursing program with a BSN (Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing).

Looking back, the time went by pretty quickly although there were many moments throughout that it felt  never ending. I am very grateful and reminded of what wonderful people I have in my life that have been there to support me. Forrest in particular has been so encouraging and positive from the start, and I truly would not have ever applied had it not been for him.

I remember the day we talked about it…  I was terrified at the thought of making the transition (quitting my full- time  job, taking classes, applying, getting a new part-time job, waiting for the letter). Worried about affording nursing school, worried about not getting into the program and being like “now what?” Forrest gave me all the assurance I needed that we would be fine and I could do it, and I did. It feels great to be done. I feel very blessed and fortunate to be where I am at now.

Thank you family and dear friends who reminded me over and over that I could do it. Thank you for putting up with me when I was stressed and being understanding (Sister & Mom, sorry for being a little out of it during some of our phone conversations!) Thank you Matt, for making me laugh everyday and for the best friendship I could ask for. Thank you Stacie for being a little angel in this whole process and providing so much guidance. Thank you to everyone who came to my graduation – Mom & Dad, Sister & Reagan, Amberly, Abigail, Ashton, Aiden, Cheri, Big Forrest, Nena, Gramps, Dede, Rob, and Forrest.  I was so proud to have you all there.

I also got very lucky in getting a job. It might come as a surprise, but graduating nurses across Texas have not been so lucky. The main hospital here locally was basically on a hiring freeze which made me quite nervous, but I did have a little bit of help and somewhat of an “in” I guess you could say.

Forrest has been the project manager on all of the construction going on with the hospital for the past 3+ years. So he knows a lot of the “big fish” around there, one being the director of maternal nursing. He was a little bird in her ear for probably the entire 18 months I was in school, reminding her of how she needed to hire me when I was out. He set up an interview with her for me back in October. During the very casual interview, she told me that my dear friend and L&D nurse, Stacie (mentioned above), told her great things about me. The director then went on to tell me that she wanted to hire me, that she hasn’t hired a new nurse in she can’t remember how long, and that it was just a matter of getting the position approved. Then during my preceptorship, she informed me that the position had been approved by the V.P. and that I got the job.

Telling this story, I feel like I got some kind of job working for the President. And here I am talking about nursing! Ha ha…but although it may not sound like much to some, it is the dream job to me. I could not be more excited. I feel like I won the golden ticket and that God just continues to make things happen for me. I hope to always remember this during my career, how I got started, how I got so lucky. I feel like I only owe the best of me every day in that hospital. I pray regularly that God will make me the best nurse I can be.

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danielle said...

yay megs!! so happy and proud of you!! I can't wait to start to hear stories of the L&D room.good luck love!

Donna Homire said...

Congratulations BB. You are so very deserving and much more. Your hard work and dedication has paid off now it is time for the pay checks to start rolling in! Good Luck on your new job

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