Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shoot for the Moon

Forrest tells me this when it comes to school. He tells me that if I try for A’s, I will do well no matter what. Well since he started training, I have been telling him the same thing, although he already aims pretty high.

Well a group of nursing students are getting together to do a women’s sprint triathlon in Austin on October 3rd. They want to get some relay teams together and I thought, hmm okay I will offer to swim for a team (which would definitely require some training on my part). But I figured we would have a lot of runners and possibly bikers, so I thought swimmers would be more in demand. I mean who wants to get out there in open, cold, dark water and swim with thousands of people in their way at 7am?! Not too many people.

Anyways, I got to thinking about “training” for the relay and I started to get really excited! I LOVE little projects and having something to do and look forward to plus it was something Forrest was doing so I know I would have good support from him. And all this excitement got me thinking, what the heck if I train in swimming, and I can already run a 5K, why not do it all?! All I need is a bike, doesn’t have to be fancy. I don’t care if the pro’s fly right past me, I would just be content in finishing. Why not shoot for the moon?

So that is what I have decided. I registered yesterday which means there is no backing out. Just have to get a bike now and get to riding. I have been swimming a little here and there in the pool but plan to practice more in a 25 m pool starting in August. The race will be a 1/2 mi swim, 12 mi bike, and 3.1 mi run. Anyone care to join me? Sign up here! There is plenty of time to train. It will be fun. :)

Trek Women Triathlon Oct. 3, Austin TXtrek

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danielle said...

i would totally do it with you but the wedding oct. 2nd! catch me on the next one!! oh and GOOD LUCK!! you will do awesome!