Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of Fall Semester

Well the fall semester has officially began. Today we had Nurs 313 Fundamentals which is where we will be learning a large chunk of our nursing skills. We will be applying these skills during our clinicals which will be once a week on Thursday after week 6. Until then, we will be having labs on Thursdays. So tomorrow will be lab, then simulation/lab again on Friday. Monday we will have Nurs 312 Pathophysiology and Nurs 322 Informatics. Tuesday we will begin Nurs 316 Pharmacology. I am pretty excited about all of the experience we are going to get this semester but not so much looking forward to reading all of those books! 5-8 chapters to read every night! :/

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ryan and danielle said...

holy cow that is a LOAD of books! you are gonna need one of those rolly backpacks....hahahah! i don't even want to know how much those all cost!