Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Papa Honey and Estate

This past weekend, Forrest, his dad, and I visited the Mahan Estate in Elliott, Texas. The story behind this property is that it has been in Papa Honey's family for generations and the actual house has not been lived in since Papa Honey's grandparents built it. Well, we have been visiting Papa Honey more than usual lately because around October, we found out that he has lung cancer. He underwent chemotherapy for months but the impact of the chemo was not worth the side effects for him....he decided to go off the medications. On one of the family visits, Papa Honey started talking about this land and how he missed Forrest and his dad told him that they wanted to take him out there to see it. The day came for the guys to take him and he wasn't feeling well enough to go. So the three of us went- I decided to go because I wanted to get pictures of them seeing it for the first time. And, I thought if anything- I could give Honey the pictures. It was really a special moment for the two of them. We hope to take Papa Honey out there the next time he is up for it.

Forrest is probably closer to Papa Honey than any other grandparent and family members have always told him that he is more like him than anybody else in his family...boy is that ever true! I just love to see the two of them together because they make each other laugh so much...they just really have a relationship beyond any other grandpa/grandson relationship I have ever known. Papa Honey is really and extraordinary and one of a kind person...

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ryan and danielle said...

how fun! saw all the pics on fbook, yall are so cute!