Monday, December 29, 2008

Me and Forrest's Gift Exchange

Forrest and I celebrated Christmas the night before Christmas Eve so that we could be alone and in our own house. We grilled steaks, had wine, and listend to Christmas music all night. It was so much FUN! I hit the jackpot- Forrest filled my stocking with gift cards, surprised me with Rosa (the name of our soon-to-be cleaning lady!), and as my Santa gift- he got me a laptop! He wanted me to have it for nursing school. For him, I filled his stocking with tools and his favorite candy and I got him this wooden bench with wagon wheels. Wahoo for a GREAT Christmas!


ryan and danielle said...

WOW! you guys cleaned up nice! how is nursing school going?

Megan&Forrest said...

Hey girl thanks! The program doesn't start until June 2009. This past summer I started taking prerequisites and just finished this past fall semester! Wahoo- all A's! Thank goodness. Then, over the Christmas break I finished my application for the program and should find out sometime in the spring. I've been doing some MAJOR praying for this because they only take 20 people a year! Crazy right?! Anyways. thank you for asking and I will keep you updated! :)