Wednesday, January 2, 2013

10 Months!

  • Growth & Development
    • >19lbs 
    • Size 6-12 mo, 12 mo clothes; size 4 diapers
    • Two teeth (on bottom) are coming in!! You can barely see the top of them.
    • Says ja ja, sha sha, uh!, ya ya, 
    • Crawls anywhere and everywhere!
    • Pulls up on everything and sometimes "cruises"
    • Loves to point
    • Can do "milk" sign but not consistently
    • Stands in crib all the time! And sometimes says "Momma" during those times too. Breaks my heart!
    • Less attention span during times like eating, dressing or changing diaper.
    • Has stood for about 10 seconds without holding on to anything
  • Schedule
    • Her morning naps are pretty short, lasting around 30 minutes. She take one long nap at some point during the day lasting 1.5-2.5 hours. 
    • Bath time is at 6pm, bottle at 6:30pm; rocks with Daddy before going down at 7pm.
    • Wakes up aournd 7am.
  • Few firsts/Favorites/More about this stage
    • On the go! Crawls all over house. Which is nice because she doesn't cry if I leave the room really anymore.
    • Transitioning from 3 nap to 2 nap schedule it seems.
    • Able to lay her down for naps and she goes down pretty easily. Rocking has stopped for now because all she wants to do is poke my eye out or pull my hair. 
    • Loves her puffs! Can eat more than one at a time. She will try and just grab and handful and eat a bunch if you don't hand them to her one at a time.
    • Went through a rough few days of "teething" behaviors but has two teeth coming in to show for it.
    • Retired the bumpo chair - haven't used it this month at all.
    • Loves her walker
  • Milestones
    • She on her feet all the time now, pulling up and trying to go from one place to the next. First two teeth.