Monday, November 17, 2008

Shopping Weekend with Mom

Me and my mom had a girls' day this past weekend and went to lunch, a movie, shopping for Christmas gifts, and starbucks- My mom wanted to buy me my very first gingerbread latte for the season. She knows it is my absolute favorite! We of course thought of Sister and Reagan the whole time and could not resist looking in the baby section. We already have lots of goodies for that little toot! :D

3 Months!

Forrest's Birthday!

Tailgating for the OU game. The boys went to the game while the girls went shopping. Afterwards we came back to the house for presents, cake, and ice cream!

Family Reunion

Me, Forrest, and the boys at the family reunion at Papa Honey's house in Grapeland, Texas. It was also Papa Honey's birthday so it was nice that everyone was able to get together and be there to celebrate with him!