Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

8 Months!

  • Growth & Development
    • Size 3 diapers snug; size 4 a little big
    • Clothes 6-12 mo or 9 mo fits; some 12 months fits if run small. I am going to create a list of stores and brands and how they fit one day to keep track! 
    • Sleeps on her belly all the time! It used to make me nervous, but since she can roll so easily it does not bother me.
    • Does not crawl yet. She pushes off her hands sometimes, almost crawling backwards. She rolls all over floor and has become quite squirmy when you hold her! Especially if she is reaching for something.
    • Sits well unsupported. Just have to watch her because she will lean forward to her hands sometimes and land hard. She leaned forward once like this as I was not watching and bruised her cheek on the coffee table. Momma felt really guilty. :(
    • Laughs laughs laughs!
    • Continues to babble. Still says "ga ga" and "ya ya" the most.
    • Stands while holding on to something (ie laundry basket, coffee table). She loves it! Looks at me and smiles so big like she is proud of herself. 
  • Schedule
    • No strict schedule during the day other than she gets bath and bedtime at same time (7-730 bath, bedtime 730-8) and she usually does not nap after 430. She wakes anytime between 630 am to 730am. She continues to be on an eat, wake, sleep cycle. Her naps are between 30 min and 2 hours. 
  • Few Firsts/Favorites/More about this stage
    • Eats solids twice a day; has had zuchinni, avocado, sweet potato, peas, and banana, apple, squash, pear, and peaches. She eats her solids well now. It used to be a challenge but she has gotten the hang of it.
    • Still not sure about the sippy cup. 
    • Favorite toys: books, sophie, spider (bug set), and milk carton (grocery bag set). If you give her a non toy however she will love! She has her own tooth brush to play with in the bathroom. And she likes to play with some of my make up, like lip gloss. She wants so badly to get her hands on the tv remote, phones, keys.
    • Loves her pacifier. Doesn't necessarily need it but I can tell there are some times of the day that she would like to play while having it in her mouth. Or before naps and bedtime, it helps her go to sleep more easily. 
    • We haven't been rocking before naps and bedtime as much. It is almost like it keeps her awake because she is wanting to play. If we just lay her in her crib she will go to sleep on her own. She is such an angel baby!
    • She has started to reach for people. She will hold her arms up to be held or sometimes out if she prefers me or Forrest to hold her (rare). 
    • We have been doing sign language a little to her. Mostly just teaching her sign for eating and milk. She has never really gotten it but for the first time she looked at me doing sign for milk and it looked like it registered that I was trying to get her to do it. She moved her fingers a little but hasn't quite gotten the hang of it.
    • First virus. What seemed like a stomach virus (fever, diarrhea, loss of appetite) ended up being Roseola I believe. She had those three things and then a rash that showed up the last couple of days of her being sick. It made me so sad, broke my heart!
    • First bruise. I blame myself. I shouldn't have walked away!
    • First trip to pumpkin patch! She was too cute! Sat there so content so I could get a few pictures.
  • Milestones
    • More mobile. There is a drastic difference between now and one month ago. She squirms, throws her head back, crunches her stomach to try and sit up, rolls around, although not graceful, goes from sitting to belly/hands. She is definitely working hard now to get places and to try and show me where she wants to be!