Tuesday, July 17, 2012

5 Months

  • Growth & Development
    • Just bought our first box of size 3 diapers! 
    • 0-3 mo clothes really tight; 3-6 mo starting to fit
    • Can lift chest when on belly but only rests on elbows for a few seconds. Still dislikes tummy time.
    • Reaches and grabs for things then brings it to her mouth.
    • Laughing :D We were twirling and looking in the mirror the other day and she was giggling so hard. I teared up because I had never heard her laugh so much! 
    • She likes to make high pitch little screams too when she is excited.
    • Cooing a lot more now; we have conversations. She also has discovered she can gurgle.
  • Schedule
    • Sleeps from 8:30pm to around 7-7:30am (in rock n play). I am dreading the transition to crib.
    • Loves her play mat first thing in the morning after breakfast; she is so active on it now.
    • Longest nap is about 2 hours, usually in morning (8-8:30 am to 10-10:30 am).
    • Still eating every 3 hours - her schedule is completely opposite now! Since she has been waking around 730am she is eating then, again at 1030, and so on. These times used to be her going down for nap times. 
    • Bath time at 7pm
  • Few Firsts/Favorites/More about this stage
    • First weekend away from Mommy and Daddy (stayed at Lala and Pop Pops during our anniversary trip)
    • Lots of drooling! 
    • Putting hands and objects (toys and blankets) in mouth
    • Puts hands on bottle when eating
    • Loves her little lovie/snuggling with it during naps and at night
    • She loves to go outside, especially in the evening. Daddy usually takes her for a golf cart ride which makes her happy.
    • Loves/smiles when looking in mirror while being held; loves being held period!
    • Kicks and plays a lot more in bath.. splashing water outside her little tub 
    • Twirling with me, standing on feet while holding her up, swinging in air, anything that involves playing. She is so easy to entertain!
  • Milestones
    • Hmm well I would say the reaching for things and putting them to mouth is the biggest thing since that involves quite a bit of coordination. Baby center says that has a lot to do with her development of depth perception. Way to go H! 
    • I was hoping to be able to put lifting chest here but she has not quite mastered that.