Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Autumn begins

I feel like football season always marks the turning of the season even though the weather does nothing exciting right away. Labor Day introduced our first football fun weekend. It was hot, but we all enjoyed being outside at the ranch. The girls did their thing while the guys went to the game. A&M won so everyone was happy.


Labor Day Weekend, 1st Game 003

Labor Day Weekend, 1st Game 008Labor Day Weekend, 1st Game 013

I love this time of year – I think it is because everyone gets so festive and I love festive. Like everyone else I am sure, I have really been enjoying the weather change. Just crossing my fingers it does not regress, knowing Texas weather. Anyways, Cheri and I celebrated the perfect weather by going to a craft show in Bryan last weekend. She bought a few things for the ranch:

Fall - decor 001 

Along with my decorating mood, I have had my eye on some new furniture – Forrest and I never really purchased new furniture when we moved in our first house. I think we need to do some replacing … just a little at a time, and starting with a new bed. I have had my eye on these two:

Mason PB bed Sommerset PB bed

Well that is it for now. Just enjoying the new season. Next I am off to work on some research for school assignments, then I plan to study (outside of course) for my pediatrics test on Monday. We will be in Austin all weekend for my first triathlon - will make sure to post pictures if Forrest gets any good ones. :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 21, 1980

Is the day my parents got married which makes today their 30th YEAR ANNIVERSARY.

I am proud that my parents are able to celebrate this milestone. It takes a lot of work to make a marriage last and I know it is not always easy. What matters most is that you make it through the hard times, learn from those experiences, and grow as a couple. You have to live as a team, learn to compromise, and be considerate of each other. Understanding these things and the many aspects of marriage, as a daughter and a wife, makes me appreciate and value this special day for them even more.

With that said, I just want to gratefully wish my parents both a very happy anniversary today. I could not be happier for ya’ll and look forward to celebrating when we are all together in Austin next weekend. :D

01 02 03 04  06  09

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wednesday night Bible study

I am so happy to talk about the amazing women’s Bible study group Nena, Cheri, and I joined at their church in Brenham. We have gone twice now and I am looking forward to next week’s already.

We are studying the Book of Esther. After sharing some of it with my Mom today, I thought I might share it on my blog too for anyone else interested (and for me to reflect back on as well).

Last week (day 1; Ch. 1) we talked about God’s presence in our lives and how we can trust him with our circumstances. One question I really thought about was “Do you ever give things to God and then turn around and take it back?”

This week (day 2), we discussed six of Esther’s queen-like qualities that Christian women should aspire to have.

1.) Grace filled charm and elegance

2.) Unusual restraint and control (ex: the ability to keep a secret for someone)

3.) Continual teachable spirit

4.) Unselfish modesty and authenticity

5.) Winsomeness (meaning pleasant and delightful spirit) regardless of surroundings

6.) Humble respect for authority

I really feel like I will grow as a Christian and as a woman, wife, mother one day from joining this study group….afterall “when you’re green, you’re growing; when you’re ripe, you’re rotten.”