Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Anniversary Dinner at Luigis

Last night, Forrest and I went to Luigis for dinner. Before going to the restaurant we exchanged cards. Forrest always gets me the BEST, most perfect cards. I asked him how he always does that and he said that he spends a lot of time looking at each one. Does he know that girls just eat this stuff up or is he just naturally so perfect?? We weren't supposed to get each other gifts this year but he surprised me with an hour massage and pedicure. What a husband! I know I am bragging on him a lot but I can't help it because he really is so good to me. And, I am so thankful that he makes occasions like these so special.

Anyways, we enjoyed a nice dinner, came home and started our tradition by reading the Anniversary Prayer, and he put my new wedding band on my finger. ;)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Two years ago today (on our wedding day), Forrest told me that "for the rest of our lives as a married couple, today will be the day we love each other the least." Over these past couple of years, I have come to realize exactly what he meant. I truly believe our marriage just keeps getting better, stronger, and even easier. We have grown so much since day one and just feel very proud of our relationship and what we have become. I love Forrest so much and know that we will just continue to love each other more as we share our lives together.

Okay, I know enough with the mush talk! I wanted to go ahead and post a pic of my new wedding band that Forrest is going to symbolically put on my hand tonight. It looks a lot like his but gold instead of titanium. I like the idea of wearing just a simple classic band and it is great for nursing school.

Tonight we are going out to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants, Luigis. Afterwards, we are beginning a new tradition where we read the anniversary prayer together every year on our anniversary. I blogged about it a long time ago, but on our last anniversary (first year), he bought me this framed "Anniversary Prayer" that we have hanging in our living room. I know the new tradition might sound silly but remember now, we are Aggies and that is what we do best!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day to Darrin!

Talk about a man that is so deserving. My brother-in-law, Darrin is the absolute BEST daddy to my little niece, Reagan, and the best husband to my Sister. I had to post this pic of the two of them on Fathers Day after Darrin opened his gifts. What a very blessed and happy family I am grateful to be a part of. Thank you Sister and Darrin for sharing these precious moments with me and for being such great family. :)

Texas Reds Festival

So Saturday night, Forrest and I along with a few other people went to the Texas Reds Steak & Wine Festival in downtown Bryan. Although the 100 degree weather was torturing, we had the absolute best time. Among the group, the guys work together for Vaughn (Anthony, Jarod, Kevin, & a couple others) and the girls are all the wives or girlfriends (Kara, Holly, Stacie) plus a few other ladies that work for the company (Debbie & Liz). It was super fun hanging out with all of them and by the end of the night, I am pretty sure Forrest and I got into a dance off during the Robert Earl King concert while hundreds of people watched. Forrest did most of the entertaining especially for these two older ladies that were just so smitten by him. One of them even stuck a dollar in Forrest's back pocket as he boogied down in front of her! What can I say, my husband is a charmer! ;)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Good Conversations

Yesterday Forrest and I spent a few hours out at Lake Bryan just the two of us. Like many married couples, Forrest and I don't have a hard time having fun together whether it is with a group of people or just us two, and yesterday just really reminded me of how much he is truly my partner in life. We can have fun doing nothing and we never run out of things to talk about. During our many conversations, Forrest just looks at me like I am the prettiest woman in the world and he tells me it all the time. He is always reminding me how lucky he is and how much I am his whole world. He isn't a cliche type talker if you know what I mean...he is always just speaking right from the heart and always says exactly what he is thinking. I love how open and confident he is. We talked a lot about us yesterday as we just sat out by the water and he just told me how nothing in this world would make him happy if I wasn't there to share it with him. I don't blog enough about our marriage or talk a lot about these things because some people mind find it cheesy, but I just have to say that I feel so fortunate to have a husband that loves me so much and isn't afraid to remind me everyday. We are incredibly grateful for our relationship and for each other. This was good timing to blog about this because our 2 year anniversary is on Tuesday and we are extremely proud. :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

First Test!

This week has been really busy with school because our first test of the semester was yesterday. All of my evenings were spent reading the chapters and the last two nights before the test, I stayed up pretty late studying. If it wasn't for Forrest, Matt, and prayer, I would have stressed myself out too much but Forrest is so supportive, Matt is the best study partner, and of course winding down at night with a good prayer helps too!

The update on that is...I made an A! Whoop!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jaime's Visit!

This past weekend, Jaime came in town to treat me for my birthday. She got here on Saturday just in time to get brunch so we ate at La Bodega. Brunch is one of my favorite meals and time of day because you can eat whatever you want! We had tacos and doughnuts along with bloody mary's and mimosas. Everything was just fabulous!

Jaime also got me a bag full of goodies for the summer for my gift!

After eating, we went home to get suited up for the pool. While we laid out, we read our Twilight books, talked, and people watched. Jaime just started reading Twilight and I am reading Breaking Dawn. It was so hard for me to not want to talk about mine because I didn't want to ruin it for her! People watching was hilarious. Since we were at an apartment complex, later in the day, a lot of college kids started to come out and "party." One group of guys actually brought a beer bong....yes this is true. Then we noticed some young girls taking notice in the guys and eventually they all got together of course. The girls had brought a boxed wine down to the pool with them and were letting the guys squeeze the bag as they tilted their heads and chugged it. Ha! We found it pretty entertaining.

After getting some sun, we got ourselves a little blizzard from this little ice cream shop and then got ourselves some pedicures. Afterwards, we came back to my house and watched He's Just Not That in to You and waited for Forrest to get home from his grandparents. Then that night, Forrest, Jaime, and I went to dinner to Fish Daddys and then out to do some country dancing!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thank yous

I also have to mention how special everyone else made my day today and I could not be more thankful! My sister sent me a package full of fashionable goodies...she always knows how to keep her sister in style. Amberly sent me an adorable scarf and gift card to sephora that is going to burn a hole in my pocket. My mom got me a Micheal Kohrs watch that is now permanently attached to my wrist. Cheri and Big Forrest gave me some money and a little shopping spree. My mama (Jaime) is coming in town this Saturday to treat me! We have friends that are wanting to take us out to celebrate this week and weekend!

And last but not least, Forrest got me a wedding band and laptop case for school. I came home around lunch time today after class and knowing my school schedule he surprised me with flowers. And knowing Forrest, he will not conclude Moofikah until tonight so we will probably go out to dinner and finish off the cake!

More Moofikah

Even though Forrest making me the cake was definitely the highlight of my birthday this year, Forrest's parents really made it special too. While Forrest and his dad baked my cake, Cheri took me shopping and spoiled me. And then that night Forrest had made reservations for the four of us to eat at Republic. The dinner was really good but the best part about it was the company. I don't mean that to sound corny. All four of us were seriously in tears at one point in the night because we were laughing so hard. I cannot even say what we were laughing at...all I know is it started with Forrest making a comment about the tiny sliver of bread we got before our dinner. Then when our crab cakes came out for an appetizer (which were the size of about two tater tots) he said that he thought the waiter might have eaten four of them on our way to our table. Ha! He has never understood upscale restaurants and why you pay more for less food. I guess I kind of see where he is coming but understand sacrificing quantity for quality in those type of places. Anyways, after dinner we came home and finally got to dig into the cake!

Cake Tradition

So this year for my birthday, Forrest wanted to make me this really awesome chocolate cake. Not only is this cake to die for...but it is special because his dad makes this cake for his mom every year for her birthday. He has done this now for 30 years and nobody can make it like him. That is until he has a little competition. Yes that's right my husband can bake! The cake Forrest made turned out so good and I have almost eated every last bite! I have had to really refrain from eating too much because I didn't know if I could make it last until today! So today, there is just enough for two huge slices and I cannot wait to indulge in my last slice after dinner tonight! Thank you to a wonderful husband I love you so much. :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Last Day of Work

My last day of work was on Friday and all of my coworker friends gave me the nicest goodbye. They got me a cake and some flowers and sang "happy trails" to me...thanks to Dr. Wigley who led the singing! ha! He was one of my favorite doctors in that office. I am going to miss all of my friends there but will not be too far away when I am doing clinicals. I will easily be able to stop by and see them.

First Day of School

Well today was officially my first day of school! I only had Health Assesment today and will have a different class tomorrow. My professor for this class is the lady I knew before applying the program (Cathy) and she is going to be a great teacher. She has made herself so available to us that she has given us permission to call and even text her if we ever have any questions throughout the semester. The first half of class was spent mostly talking about how this semester was going to go and then the last half was our first lecture. After class, Matt and I got lunch at Chipotle. Hanging out with him just makes me even more excited about the program because we really know how to get things done for school and at the same time make each other laugh! :)

Overall things went great and although I am a little overwhelmed, I am a super relieved to have the "first day" over with. Now I am just printing a ton of notes off and I am off to Target to get a few school supplies!